In our R&D laboratory, innovation and creativity come together to shape the future of space exploration. This is where our Avionics and Control & Simulation departments work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge electronics that will propel our rockets to new frontiers. From flight control systems to high-precision sensors, each component is designed and refined with a single purpose in mind: to take space technology to the next level. With a focus on leading-edge research and bold experimentation, our R&D team is at the forefront of innovation, constantly exploring new ideas and challenging the limits of what is possible.


The maintenance and development of avionics involve the task of periodically redoing it. This is because making changes for the implementation of a new integrated circuit or chip implies the need to remanufacture the set, which usually results in higher than necessary costs.

Carbon fiber tank

In order to implement our own hybrid engines in a functional rocket capable of flying, it is necessary to reduce weight to the maximum. This is where the need arises to replace the heavy steel tanks, which we have been using in the static ignitions of our engines, with a COPV (Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel) made of carbon fiber, achieving a significant weight reduction in the tank.