Carbon fiber tank

In order to implement our own hybrid engines in a functional rocket capable of flying, it is necessary to reduce weight to the maximum. This is where the need arises to replace the heavy steel tanks, which we have been using in the static ignitions of our engines, with a COPV (Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel) made of carbon fiber, achieving a significant weight reduction in the tank. The design and manufacture of such a tank present countless challenges that we will have to face, such as the choice of dimensions and material of the liner, the mechanical analysis of the vessel, with the added complication that this entails when working with composite materials, or the choice of valves and the corresponding certifications to be able to use the COPV. The development of this project will be possible thanks to the help we receive from our sponsors Compoxi and Tecnalia, giving us both technical help in analysis and calculation as well as making their facilities available to us to manufacture and make this project a reality, which will be a great advance towards reaching new horizons.