Ganimedes and Io are two rockets entirely designed by the team, except for the engine, which is a commercial solid motor. These rockets were designed during the second half of 2021, with the main goal of testing a new parachute deployment system, a necessary function to recover the rockets intact. Both rockets are very similar in construction, having an internal structure of threaded bars to which floors are attached at different heights. Also notable in the design of these rockets is the nose cone (or tip), which has been manufactured by team members using fiberglass. The main differences between them are the materials used and the size.

Ganimedes has a height of 140 cm in length and 16 cm in diameter. This rocket consisted of a bar frame, cardboard fuselage, and a fiberglass nose cone made by the team.

On February 26th, Ganymede took off from the Dima aerodrome, Bizkaia. The rocket ascended to reach an altitude of 480 m, at which point the parachute was deployed, landing almost intact. This successfully met the set objective of testing a new side ejection system for the parachute.