M2 Container

As we delved into the development of large hybrid rocket engines, we realized the urgent need to test and verify what we create. In response, our team embarked on the challenging task of building a hybrid rocket engine test stand to carry out these critical verifications. We are proud to be the first student rocketry team in Spain to create a test stand of this magnitude and complexity, designed specifically to evaluate hybrid engines.

The test stand is housed in a sturdy shipping container, which facilitates its transport and ensures its operation in different locations. This stand has the capacity to test engines with thrusts exceeding 5000 N, demonstrating our commitment to designing a platform that accommodates future engines. The construction of the stand was a joint effort of the structure, propulsion, and control and simulation teams. From the manufacturing of nitrous oxide storage tanks to the instrumentation of the engine and the entire test stand, as well as the installation of piping systems, fittings, valves, and other necessary components, every detail has been meticulously designed to ensure optimal conditions in each test.

This monumental project reflects our firm commitment to innovation in the evaluation of hybrid rocket engines, propelling us towards the goal of reaching the Kármán line. We are about to start the validation tests of the test stand, marking the beginning of a new stage in our research and development.