Charlie is the largest and heaviest rocket launched by a national rocket team and the largest and most powerful developed by the team. This rocket has a height of 3.2 meters and a takeoff mass of 50 kg. Equipped with one of the most powerful commercial rocket engines on the market, it took off on December 27th from the San Gregorio maneuvering field, reaching an apogee of 3,700 meters, surpassing the team’s altitude record.

During the flight, the rocket exceeded 1000 km/h. Once it reached its maximum altitude, the rocket descended at a controlled speed using a dual parachute system, landing in one piece several minutes later.

Some of the most notable elements of the rocket are the Nose Cone, which team members manufactured using fiberglass; the Avionics, responsible for commanding all actions during the flight and for sending the information captured by the sensors; the Recovery System, a system tested in the last launch of Io, with which two parachutes of different sizes can be deployed; and the Fins, which provide stability to the rocket during ascent.