From our initial prototypes to our most ambitious launches, each rocket is the result of hard teamwork and a constant pursuit of excellence in design, engineering, and performance. With a unique combination of technological innovation, scientific knowledge, and passion, our rockets are designed to continually surpass ourselves and, in the future, reach the Kármán line, located at 100 km in height, where space begins.


It is the first rocket developed by the team. Its mission was to test our technology and the knowledge acquired about rocket manufacturing.


Bravo is the second rocket designed, manufactured, and launched by the team. Its complete development represents a significant advance in the team’s history.


Arima is the third rocket that the team has made, in which all elements except the engine have been manufactured by the team.


Ganimedes is main objective was to test a new parachute deployment system, successfully fulfilling this mission.


Io is a rocket developed concurrently with Ganymede and has been successfully launched twice. The first launch, like Ganymede’s, was to test a new parachute deployment system, and the second was to implement a system for deploying two parachutes instead of just one.


Charlie is the largest and heaviest rocket launched by a national rocket team and the largest and most powerful developed by the team.


ATLAS is the team’s first modular rocket, designed to be a platform with a high flight cadence. Being modular ensures that the rocket is very manageable and easily transportable, allowing for straightforward on-site assembly, as well as the flexibility to add new systems.


With HERMES, the team has ventured into the challenges posed by supersonic flight, marking a before and after, as it opens the doors to more ambitious launches and serves as a foundation for the new rockets that are being developed.


Eros will be the next large rocket launched by the team.