BiSKY Team




We are a group of students from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) who wanted to challenge ourselves in a different way. Our goal is to build rockets that reach 100 km altitude, the limit from which space begins. Our members are hardworking and dedicated people, able to design, build and test rockets that will one day accomplish our mission. With the help of our university staff and the companies that support us, we are moving closer every day towards our goal.



After the success of Ganymede, IO, and Charlie, this semester we will be immersed in the development of several projects: Atlas, Hermes, and M2.

Atlas and Hermes will be our next two rockets. These rockets will not only be the direct successors of Ganymede and IO, but they will also allow us to test a new construction methodology that will help us increase the launch cadence. Additionally, thanks to Hermes, we will explore supersonic regimes.

Furthermore, from now on, we will be implementing advanced sensor electronics in our rockets to validate our designs.

At the same time, we continue working on the second hybrid engine for the M2 team, which promises to be a significant leap in terms of power, being ten times greater than that of M1.


The great motivation and ambition of our teammates are the keys allowing us to move forward and face new challenges. At BiSKY Team, we seek to implement the use of advanced technologies in order to reduce the costs and environmental impact of testing on “Zero G” and rocket launches. Our members share their ideas and evaluate the best solutions for each problem, always having the security and applicability in mind.


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